Tuesday, April 28, 2009

orange you glad you came.

birthday guapissima.ADF+cedez
profoundly prophetically pink.
orange you, yes you are.
kiki's carrots+cape
silly string set.
monsieur elliot posing in the lolli garden.chris's brown on the town, showin some leg (ready-ing ADF for some short short summer competition)
concentrating gremlin.
ladies by dustin.
the fam. (i have an almost identical shot of C+R on las ramblas in barcelona'03 sin nino)

miss rachel had a stupendous birthday party, with a sweet theme, as usual: dress in one color ..which was so righteous+fotogenic, we all have decided should probably happen once a month, or until we run out of monochromatic options. there was wacky sting+balloons+color coded food+a lolli garden installation (which i would like to re-shoot cause the polaroids didn't do it justice)..
also i found out that papabubble might maybe host the afterparty for the COURT show?!?! (fingers crossed+i'll keep you posted).