Friday, April 24, 2009

there's a righteous saturday ahead.

hi friends!!

tomorrow is going to be a gorgeous day!
finally spring is here.
+to celebrate. i'm combining two favorite things: grass+vintage.

sari+i will be rolling out a rack full of springE clothes+a full length mirror.

+i will be giving away free tote bags with every purchase!


mccarren park, (planning on setting up by 12th+bedford)


why not:

you might find a treasure..
come hang out, try stuff on,bring yourselves+friends+pets+blankets(+cash money).

mostly vintage_circa:50's-90's

****harem pants, a rasta sweater+ rasta off the shoulder fiesta top, playsuits, rompers, jumpsuits, leotards, daydresses, a gold lurex vest with matching knickers, prim coats, denim hotpants, army coat, vintage joan jett T, red trench+such; you get the idea.

there will also be some designer duds: biba, bonjour, eley kishimoto, mon petit oiseau, marc by marc, theory+ more.

i will also have some boots+trainers+sandals+platforms, along with a smattering of accessories.

i hope you can come!

+feel free to forward to anyone that likes grass+/or vintage.


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