Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my closet i'm hosting a

hey hot stuffs,

i am hosting a spring cleaning sale this sunday (+maybe monday)..
:feb. 22(+23)
:7-11pm or so.

feel free to bring some friends (but no straight dudes-it's a try on party) + any clothing/jewelry/shoes/small junk you want to get out of your apartment!!...along with booze+some cash...
+on tuesday, i will call a charity to come pick up the detrius.

i'll likely be setting up a few different zones..
-clothes swap pile
-.$10 fill a bag
-reasonably priced jewelry+shoes+clothes--from $5-$55.

*really it's an excuse to have all of you over, have drinks, play dress up+purge our closets of unnecessary belongings...

**while hopefully making off with some vintage (and some new) treasures.

***win-win all around.

let me know if you want to come!



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