Thursday, August 12, 2010

a little at a time..

i know i've been slacking on my updates here, it's just that i've been terribly busy+barely home as of late...but i want to let you know about two very exciting things that are happening this week.

1. a photograph of mine (of chris grassi, shot at the madonna inn last fall) was chosen to be included in the Humble Arts Group Show #36....(+given that i've applied to it a few times, it's beyond FANTASTIC to finally have been chosen!!)

2.EXPOSURE opens tomorrow at THIS los angeles..
it's a group show full of wonderful work and great boobies...the show was put together by the dear+talented magda wosinska in accordance with the launch of her (super radical) book BITE IT YOU SCUM...see more on her in this great interview on

i have to say i am lucky enough to have a great crew of friends who not only model for me (constantly!) but were endlessly helpful in the preparation for this show.. critiquing+editing (mi senor, mercedez, rachel, chris+all the csf-ers at pete van leeuwen's bbq a month ago or so), tirelessly contributing to the retouching, printing+layout (xabi), and last but certainly not least-my amazing LA hosts (suzanne+orlando) for bringing a little OCD to the hanging process...cause had i been left to my own devices-it's likely that this jazz would've been jauntily leveled;)

anyhoo..if you are in LA tomorrow, please come to the will be followed by an extremely awesome afterparty at magda's casa...+if you can't make it-the show will be up for a few stop by during opening hours..

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Fashion's Religion said...

Absolutely love your blog. I adore the concept of your blog as well.

Stay well.