Thursday, August 19, 2010

it was going swimmingly until i got rear ended.

scored a leopard trifecta in ventura: mega soft rabbit fur coat. garter belt. super duper elegante mohair dress.
+more thrift success between LA+ventura: conch belt. 50's wool peg leg pants. $10 navy ferragamo's. weird/awesome sharper image leather vest.

this is my thrird thrift mission to ventura+i have to say it is so very best...there are like 6 thrift shops on main st-you just zigzag across the streets+keep winning. it's rad+well worth the drive from LA...i also snagged some megaMAZING rings which i'll show you later...the only downside was getting rear ended waiting to get on the freeway, on my way out of town...

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Miss Sofie said...

i love that vest! I've been looking everywhere for one just like that. Congratulations ;)