Monday, June 14, 2010

we touched down to our own private idaho, jersey style.

our RAINBOW COUNTRY editorial is finally up on!!!!
please go ahead+have a lookee see at it here.

here are some of the behind the scenes shots from our beautiful day in princeton.

thanks to everyone who participated in making this shoot such a slamjam success!!!

notably-my enormously awesomesauce collaborators-mi senor, turner, erica, emily + some of our ecofriend designers angela from cheekie and caitlin from mosciun.

thank you again to our lovely model vika, who was quite the trooper-hanging in the hammock for the first and climbing that big old tree in suede, on top of running, jumping and even chomping on flowers for us-it was a pleasure on our part (and hopefully you weren't lying when you said you had fun;)

thank you to blake (+his darling assistant, irina) for being such a great personable and delightful director (i've embedded the-slightly embarrassing-video interview below ). +last but not least, thanks to dad for stopping by to say hi and to mom for letting us use your home, kitchen and landscaped lushness for our shoot!


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