Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what have you done for me lately.

vintage aviators (thanks to chrysanthe+swap party)/vintage t ("borrowed" from a friend 4 yrs ago)/vintage necklace (tourist shop in tossa de mar)/my new favorites-rachel comey westside loden linen pants (sample sale)/lanvin stripper patent heels (zoe super sale)/spanish shopping basket bag (tossa de mar)
dolce vita shades (bought with $200 i found in a cab back in '05)/ cowry shell necklace (mali made-bought in anguilla)/ aa tank/vintage woven cardi-baja (maine thrift)/acne lace ups (creatures of comfort)/kerrigan skinnies(hilary rush)
h+m shades/single crop top (sisters hand-me-down)/rachel comey faves/vintage stamped leather purse (alamagordo thrift)/radical leather lace up alpargatas
antipodium double pocket t (creatures of comfort)/vintage shiny short shorts (jersey thrift?)/vintage levi's vest (?)/rainbo tie-up alpargatas (la manuel alpargatera)/LOVE necklace (ebay)
vintage swimsuit (gift from cedez/marissa)/vintage victorian lace skirt (love saves the day in new hope, pa)
vintage spotty crop top (american rag)/moto (a.p.c.)/grey ant denim hot pants (circa now)/vintage LOVE necklace (ebay)/alpargatas
ray bans (duty free at newark)/h+m underwire bathing suit/vintage betsey johnson shorts (bodhi bazaar in santa fe eons ago)/open toe alpargatas
chambray top (zara espana)/vintage hustler jeans (santa fe thrift)/open toed alpargatas
dolce vida shades/aa tank/burfitt shorts (cretures of comfort)/b+w lace up alpargatas

shredded tank (zara espana)/vintage romper (albuquerque savers)/samma necklace/green alpargatas
vintage crop top (?)/teal bdg jeans (house guest detrius)/f troupe elastic sandals (creatures of comfort)
stripey oxford (topshop)/ h+m yellow skinnies/ yellow alpargatas
zero-maria cornejo vest (creatures of comfort)/oversized aa tank/ vintage betsey johnson kelly kapowski dress (narnia)/ minnetonka moccasins (trading post in oklahoma)
aa batwing top/vintage hustlers/moto/alpargata leather keds
navy+black rag+bone chiffon skirt (zoe)/acne lace ups/ antipodium t
dolce vida stapless (COURT)/vintage belt (thrift?flea market)/ acne lace ups
vintage stripey dress (chelsea flea market)/yellow espadrilles
ray bans/vintage palm tree crop top/betsey johnson cut offs/alexander wang neon cardi (hillary rush)/ green alpargatas
zara pocket button down/ b+w tie ups/ hustler cut offs (thrift)
karen walker knock off shades (forever 21)/ see by chloe sneaker platforms (bergdorf sale)/ vintage romper/ beater t (had it since high school)
vintage victorian top (barcelona flea market)/ faux stonewashed cotton kelly kapowski t dress (zara espana)/la cubierta lace ups (tossa de mar shoe store)
f21 shades/french connection dress (macy's?)/ rainbo tie ups
vintage bud light tank (corner of prince+mercer-chapel?)/ vintage guess jean shorts (nj thrift)/open toed alpargatas
beaded lariat necklace (my sister bought in firenze'98+i found it in jersey in'07)/beater t/spotty skirt (clothing swap thanks cedez!)/f troupe sandals
manuel canovas landscape dress (hotel malliouhana gift shop in anguilla)/ aa top/acne lace ups/ the instant tote
zero-maria canejo top (creatures of comfort)/bj cutoffs/la cubierta lace ups (tossa de mar shoe store)
grey ant shades (opening ceremony)/a.p.c moto/h+m sailor top/vintage skirt
c+c tank/belt (hand me down from my sister-she got it in africa)/vintage drop waisters (albuquerque savers)
f21 shades/aa tank/ betsey johnson dress/acne lace ups/vintage belt/samma necklace
f21 shades/c+c tank/ vintage belt (thrift)/spotty skirt (swap)/converse (santa fe mall)/samma necklace
cashmere cardi (j.crew)/ lace up french sailor top (tossa gift shop)/ zara t shirt dress/ yellow alpargatas


hard liquor; soft holes said...

love the new comey pants and LOVE LOVE LOVE the acne shoes.

ps. remind me not to let you borrow any vintage t-shirts...;)

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

c'mon now..it's not like you wouldn't know...he's a button down shirt kinda gay these days+he didn't miss it...you wouldn't let me get away with that kinda stuff;)

+i know right! now, i wish i'd gotten the comey's in black too..fucking austerity program.