Thursday, June 5, 2008

a teaser

natacha chamarro is a genius.
daphne guinness tipped me off [in the NYtimes styles section a few months ago] to the notion of stripper shoe comfort which lead me to these tawdry towerful numbers..i will post some cheaper versions in a few days..
i'm on blog hiatus for a few as of now. forgive me lords of blogtown, i am moving all day today. it's 6am. i haven't slept yet. a friend who is now a man with a van is to arrive at 11am..
the bed and almost everything will go over the river today. the blog issue is that i don't yet have internet at my new place..which is of the utmost importance obviously.
but for now i leave you with these splendid stilettos.
besos for now
more fotos to follow.

1 comment:

Claire Lampert said...

Not sure where to even begin on these stripper supremes...the liquid gold and fluorescents are tdf. <3