Thursday, June 5, 2008

boxed up baubles

lady lizzE, or the winsome white lightning, if you'd rather just posted a bit about habitual collections..and i thought i'd respond with a few visuals of my own..

p.s. packing stuff sucks..especially when you've been somewhere for nearly 5 years.. extra-especially when you collect everything.

p.p.s. both her mom and my mom got rid of all their cool things.. and now we never can..


elizabeth said...

WE NEED TO DO A PROJECT. we are pack rat soul mates.

ps, SO JEALOUS of your globe collection!!!!!

laia. said...

ha! that's so funny that I just came here to say that i was totally jealous of your globe collection.

and so many shoes!!

Leti said...

Oh this is so awesome. I just moved and it would've been so much easier if I had packed by color and theme.

Righteous Plaisant said...

those boxes feel me with joy and memories. All your colourful pieces look like they belong in perfectly crisp boxes on the way to brooklyn. loves