Monday, July 25, 2011

the light is my life.

a terribly exciting project is in the works...I am happy to announce my first solo show in a bit..
(happening just days after my 10yr NYC anniversary--back when i moved from santa fe to thompson st september 1, 2011)..

** SFK presents louise ingalls sturges**
***curated by katharine B barthelme***
*at the ROGAN store : on bond and bowery*
************ september 16. 2011 ************

so, mark your books, as SFK will be launching her full camera strap line and celebrating her recent collaboration with ROGAN, while i will be showing my photographs and paintings (most of which have never been shown before!) and selling a limited edition zine of recent work.
+ if that isn't enough, fiona from papabubble has offered up her magical cotton candy skills for the bring your sweetass and your sweet tooth, it's sure to be a colorful and joyous evening.


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