Friday, March 11, 2011

that's what she said.



i've been meaning to share some top favorite new thangs with you for a hot minute, so here goes.

1. a.p.c. eyelet vintageE bikini...i saw it on bird's website right before we went to mustique+just had to get it, as it's sooo rare to find a new suit with the right 60's/70's proportions+all my vintage suits are faded+not ocean appropriate at this point. while my only new (3 yrs ago) zimmerman bikini has lost it's elasticity.

2.rag+bone boots.....seriously don't know what i wore before? they are on my feet 5 out of the 7 week days. i just aDORE them and their little rounded toe+man they are sooo comfortable and simply go with everything.

3. DVF sequin cardi (gay grandpa sweater;)...found at my favorite store, zoe, in my hometown during their major winter sale...+it seriously saved me from bitching at the cold..

4. SUPER into these super strappy coco de mer offerings+definitely splurged on some fancy favorite fave harness-y bra was only 30 bucks on sale, but they don't have it on the website anymore. (you'll likely get a glimpse of it in an outfit post to come.

5. been listening to a lot of this new blonde redhead. the first song has made my 2011_2 mix (next to chris brown's young love of all things...somehow it really works!)

6. this domke foto backpack has really simplified my camera transport.

7. dear darling sarah's camera straps just continue to get better and better!! she made me this mega mr T style chanel strap for my big daddy+the foto i took at the ace in palm springs is now up on her SFK site! (oh+while you're on the internet why not become a fan of SFK on the FB yo!) we'll be collaborating on many more projects to come so stay tuned!

8. my sister gave me her old and my new 1999 volvo s70 stick shift delight just before christmas...(this one is not actually mine, i found the pic on the web..but it's the same as this, just in black, not green)...all i can say is christ almighty! it has changed my entire little brooklyn life for the better!!! so much scooting around and getting the lay of the land (which can be tricky as so much of one's nyc transport is underground.

9. (not pictured..but i will take one and insert it) is my marlow and sons blue leather sail bag. made from the cows we eat at diner. sustainable fashion at it's BEST!

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