Thursday, January 13, 2011

our hair was white, the grandma fur was wet+we laughed stumbling through the bitter taste of cold.

cedez+i had a wonderful tromp in the snow last night....i've rarely had the experience, if ever of walking on completely fresh, unmarred snow in nyc...
in conclusion, existential talks+snowday walks-tuesday was a true fact-delight.

in other news,
i've been listening to a lot of this cass mccombs song:
"i went to the hospital" which he sings, "i wanna be famous for falling in love."
to which i say, what a great romantic/artistic/narcissistic lyric.

might even say it's influencing this artist statement in a nice melancholy fashion..

(as it pretty well vibes with some existential leanings of mine: see simone de beauvoir-my new favorite existentialist. [p.s.why didn't we learn about her rad chica shit in philosophy!?!])

anyhoo, have a listen if you've never, or it's been awhile.

oh+mikes's highly anticipated circa 2010 mixes, ***smoke***+***mirrors***, showed up in the mail this week!!! (click on those links to see brandon's full break down+mike's best/worst albums of the year)
(with some very familiar fotos as album art:)

thus, i'm delighted to be able to introduce you (or remind you if you're cooler than me) about these two great jams i've got on repeat:

pepper rabbit "none shall sleep"
bear hands "what a drag"

+in case you're curious about what goes on in my head during the art making process, i thought i'd share some recently googled research topics:

pop art
on the road
woody allen
social anthropology

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