Saturday, January 15, 2011

archives: from one moon mama to another, 16 years of faithful endeavoring.

full moon: 1996.
nicole. 1996.
+me on nicoles amazing old volvo. 1996
(in my old vintage levi's+first turquiose)
old thelma+louise shot.
in rachels impala.
my first fashion shoot with cedez.
(what got me hired at NYLON in 2001)
15..."it was fun!"
end of the year photo one report.
(+still not retiring.)
paris. 1994.
(the first foto i was proud of. )
first self portraits.
(guess i would've been a teen blogger after all)
hippie halloween.
just this little picture of one alexander wang (as j.Lo in a missoni onesie)
chelsea gayboy party: 2004.

i've been working on this graduate school application for awhile now. as part of the prep work, i've been looking back through+organizing the archives of the 16 years of my very documented life...
i've got LOADS more where this came from but i figured-given that i blasted this jam with words yesterday-i should probs put up some fotos to balance it out.

hope you like'em..

now back to writing/synthesizing.

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Karina Cifuentes said...

Wow. I love the quality of these photos, and those outfits!