Thursday, April 29, 2010

my art crush is in town.

monica canilao's 'we are dust' opens tomorrow night !!!!!!

as you dear readers know, i've been crushing out on monica's magical creations and her mystical mama ways for over a year now... so obviously, i'm MORE than completely-totally-radically-jazzed to finally get to see and experience her work in person..i anticipate feeling incredibly inspired (and mired with guilt that i'm not painting enough) as soon as i walk into the space.
[full disclosure-i plan to profess my artcrushlove to her at the opening but in reality, i'll likely feel a bit shy about actually doing it when the moment comes..(currently considering that perhaps some feathers and bourbon will help)...]

anyhoo-see you there!

cinders gallery
103 havemeyer st
brooklyn, ny 11211

oh and...
here are a few pictures of monica prepping for the show at her studio in oakland, california..
for those of you who've been to my painting studio-you know i can relate to this overwhelming life collage.

above photos by todd seelie


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Lefty said...

you=my art crush