Sunday, January 10, 2010

southern comfort+fur hats+free love, tweed+cocteau+pearls, gilded feather eyelashes+tomato can brassieres+duchampian dreams

sorry for the lack of blogging but i've been caught up in the land of the libros..

specifically, the MAJORLY awesome+incredibly inspired lives of three radical pre-feminist ladies who were full of unique mischief+singular ideas (janis joplin, gabrielle 'coco' chanel, and baroness elsa freytag-loringhoven- respectively)

so, if you are into fashion, art+the history of women in the past century--these are absolutely must reads!!! i give them all a+'s, in life and in text...i only hope to be half as inspiring to one person one day..seriously, these were some really astoundingly remarkable chicas.


laia. said...

i read the chanel one three summers ago... oh man it was SO GOOD
have you read helmut newton's autobiography? so so so good. highly recommended

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

not yet but i'll put it in the amazon cart pronto!