Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i've found somebody better than you.

dear lovely lumix,
i'm afraid we've grown apart and i'm going to take this opportunity to thank you for all you've given me. i can't even count all the ways you've helped me grow+taught me to share. but sometimes you don't realize what your missing until you find something new...
so while you've been so good to me, i'm afraid we're just going in different directions+i just don't think we work well together anymore. i'm sorry, this may seem like it came out of left field but i had to come clean-i've been thinking about someone else. i thank you for all the fond memories+i will always have a place on my shelf for you.

dear canon G11,
i love you. i can't wait to share our lives together. i know we've just met but i think we've really got somethin here. i can't deny it. we have a lot of learn from each other+i don't expect it to be easy at first-enmeshing our lives as it were, but i have deep faith that we will soon get on the same page. i look forward to sharing my future with you.
with the utmost admiration of your sunflare capabilities,

bottom foto by xabi--check out the star flares in the sunglasses-so best.

+thank you thank you thank you mumsa for my new baby!!

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