Wednesday, November 25, 2009

heavens to betsey...err bodkin.

high waisted dreams with perfect pleats++stripey t's with obviously oversized pockets++tie dyed badass bustiers++sheer shirted surprises++dynamite details++sassy seductive sweats=an awesome+covetable spring'10 collection that proves i'm bonkers for bodkin...evianna+claire have really manifested some delightful+unexpected creations i look forward to draping on myself for some spring flinging.

oh+the styling is tops-i'm coveting every single brogue by dieppa restrepo i've yet to see..
especially the pink-hued ones i've been loving from afar (since r29 posted a tidbit a while back -as seen above)....or the custom, pick your own adventure ones you can create on their website. i.e. boundless brogue possibilities...

the coveting wishlist continues in it's endless fashion.


laia. said...

love them.

rem said...

Do they come with those awesome glass balloons?