Thursday, October 22, 2009

it went a little something like this...

our birthday week trajectory was as follows:

roebling tea room->huckleberry bar->roberta's->east river bar->papabubble->classic car club->diner airstream trailer->east river bar->chanel->the plaza->central park->po->duck duck bar...

+on the 7th day we finally got some rest...

+thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our birthdays...there was just soooo much birthday goodness.
i am deeply grateful for each+every one of my dear friends and of course my fantastic family. i couldn't have imagined last week to be any better if i'd tried.. (well okay-the being sick throughout was lame-i could've done without the sinus pressure but c'est la vie)


(p.s. this is just a teaser..many more pictures to come from the dirty30 dance off-open ocean's debut performance at papabubble-the classic car club+diner trailer dinner)

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