Thursday, October 8, 2009

come on down..

176 lafayette ave

choose your own poison or pleasure, rather, from our trifecta of treasures...

:i'll have some dynamite ladies vintage for sale (i've restocked with all sorts of awesome from our adventures out west+north)....including some great jumpsuits, a chanel jacket, biba loafers, a slew of woolen coats+blazers, +as always accessories.

:mi'lady jill's got amazing I HEART well as a smattering of vintage..

+mr. alec of Dossier Magazine...who'll be bringing all sorts of badass treasures for boys.

see the iheart blog for more info.

+see you there!!

1 comment:

C.C said...

do you still have the "acne" coat? Ah! couldn't get it outta muh head all day yesterday and now i neeeeeed it today...if you DO still have it I wanna come try it!!!