Tuesday, August 4, 2009

no puff pieces here.

it's was that time of year again yesterday...for the cheek-ie lookbook shoot! i was honored once again to be asked by the supremely talented angela barrow to model..+luckily i trust that the photographer mr. henry will do right by me in the end (as this is now the 3rd shoot we've worked on together--so i was much less nervous than last time.)
as is always the case, we had a lot of fun in the pretty epic soho loft (complete with 2 cleaning ladies--making it feel very disimilar to last years billybug shoot). the day was made complete by old friends and a couple new ones, including the lovely miss jill--who i'd heard oh so much about from the enthusiast+white lightning road trip monologues for teen vogue+from their respective blogs. so, i gotta say monday was a swell day, with great attitudes+jealous-making jewelry..which by the way we were all lucky enough to score!! (my goodies are in the last shot-thanks ang:).
*by the by..somebody tell abigail that i need her lorick crinoline, thanks to dustin, i have a new found flirty obsession which is nothing if not completely impractical..(+also yes, those are my new shoes!!!!--a post on them is to come)
**all fotos of me-other than the obvi self-p are from jill's behind the scenes write up on her iheart blog.
***+more fotos+shout outs to be seen on brilliant beverly's behind the scenes write up on vice..(thus an addendum is a probable possibility.)

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Anonymous said...

Why hello there you lovely model! What a pleasant surprise to have met a fellow amazing women. I am so super psyched on us getting together more often. BBQ's and street sales galore. George and I are gone next week but when we get back lets make it all happen.
Big big big hug and kiss