Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a night swimming in a firework sea...

so there was indeed an oopsEdoops to come after a majestic night of mind bending brilliance...the following morning i awoke to a stern lecture from my odd feeling at nearly 30. but i have to say, it was indeed fully warranted given that he had to go out+rescue aforementioned raft in a major downpour that morning, after being tipped off by the neighbors..+on top of that we'd left ciggie butts+a couple of beer cans on their dock...along with a broken oar lock+a ladder left in the mud.
it was all worth it though, as it would be a major understatement to say we sure had a BLAST...i mean a skinny dip-phosphorescent lit- super bedazzled romp in the temperate sea was a memory that will never ever be forgotten...(+uncle hale+i made up on the dock the next all is well that ends well..anchors be damned).

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