Friday, March 6, 2009

a night alight, unfortunately the drinks weren't free.

here's a teensy slice of the armory show opening night preview that went down on wednesday...i was lucky enough to get an invite through ms. i tossed on my chloe's to go get some a. kapoor, arbus, or rather, just take some crappy iphone fotos+drink champagne+sangria. that. we had to pay for-thumbs down. i give the economic downturn a fail when it comes to no more booze at openings..

oh+speaking of saving money. i did not purchase the damien hirst i've coveted for ages. because, you see, upon viewing it in person, i realize, i should + could fairly easily/probably just make on my own. while kat put in an order for the wire hanger imprint on cardboard...easy peasy. hmm, perhaps, that's how to make a buck..start imitating easy art+sell for cheap.

p.s. art is so f-ing subjective, or maybe it's taste that i'm curious about. bad taste... all i'm saying is there are so many ways to waste a lot of money (not that i'm one to talk but still) there is certainly some seriously curious crap over there.

p.p.s. one of the installation highlights was this subdued man in a trench (top foto) holding a full length royal blue faux fur grover coat for his someone special, while she was in the ladies..priceless.

p.p.p.s.please see kathleen's genius dinner outfit accessory-her bowtie really steps up the everyday t+jeans combo. godspeed woman!

p.p.p.p.s.vintage wool dress from circa now, h+m tights, vintage (5inch long) afghani earrings, chloe's

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