Monday, March 16, 2009

in mourning*

*my i love you ring is gone, it fell off at the albertan's show on friday. mercedez+i were in the bathroom at glasslands. i'd just wrapped up shooting polaroids of the show for the band, i look down+it's vanished...MY FAVORITE ONE! gone. this makes no sense, as i've worn it everyday since i got it was gifted to me, just before my birthday in '06, in rain+cold+a fair few nights of debauchery...i was in a sober state+in a warm venue. why now?
i found my dream ring at a vintage jewelry shop uptown..made in the 50's, with the most amazing construction, probably specially made for someone specific who new the value of radical word jewelry decades before the carrie, i know it's just a material object but i wore it everyday+i loved it sooooo very much during every minute of the day..herumph...
this loss almost completely ruined my whole night. though i pushed through (until 7am--spanish style dance party was in order), i am still completely devastated.
so, if anyone sees this ring on anyone anywhere, but especially in the nyc metropolitan area, please get it from them. i will bribe for it back.
pretty please come back to me.

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