Wednesday, March 11, 2009

¡claro, a que me gusta! puedo más claramente ahora ver

i've been working on the besosyfotos book all day's getting muy bueno. but it may still take a few more edits to get it perfect+affordable for selling..i'm hoping to get a draft finished by the end of the week+send it to print by this weekend..fingers crosssed
anyhoo, in doing all sorts of trekking through my ifoto, i turned up a TON of fotos from madrid, which i never got around to blogging (perhaps you remember, i had to get myself out to new mexico fantastico for weddings immediately upon my return) i thought i'd share some with you.

+ yes, this is more wishful thinking about summer. sometimes it's good to look through sunshine filled, short shorts pictures when the sky is grey and this point, i am so looking forward to packing my new chanel flats for their maiden voyage to españa......because we just found out that mi senor's hermano will be getting hitched this summer in mallorca (majorca)!! i'm so fucking jazzed-i've always wanted to go to a spanish island:).....

**perhaps, you could come meet us--you know who you are--i'll be there in the middle/end of dream is to spend some time in the basque region, go back to barcelona for a few, see the island, AND get to know madrid better..(a long to do list, as usual)..

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