Monday, November 10, 2008

cheek-ie lookbook is up!

ms. angela barrow's amazing wares are up for view at was a bit trepidatious but the photos from the lookbook shoot came out quite well...
p.s. this blogspot might get a bit too much me for a minute..i have all these outfit posts saved on my desktop and i figure i should probably post them rather than chuck them..also we did the BUST mag shoot on friday and i've got a bunch of pictures of that and the outfit prep.. (they are going to be doing a style profile on me for the february/march issue..the assignment was to pick my fave 2 outfits--i nearly had a panic attack. i have too many favorite outfits..we shot 4. i kinda want to do a reshoot, as i just FINALLY unpacked all my necklaces from moving and realized there is more bling to blang out)..stay tuned for further narcissim..and apologies in advance if it gets to be too much.