Thursday, August 14, 2008

spanish lesson

buscar (conjugate⇒) verbo transitivo

1. (intentar encontrar) to look for;
‹fama/fortuna› to seek;
te buscan en la portería someone is asking for you at reception
2. (en libro, lista) to look up;
busca el número en la guía look up the number in the directory

1. (recoger) to collect, pick up;
fui a ~lo al aeropuerto (para traerlo — en coche) I went to pick him up from the airport;
(— en tren, a pie) I went to meet him at the airport;
vengo a ~ mis cosas I've come to collect o pick up my things
2. (conseguir) to get;
yo le busqué trabajo I found him a job;
fue a ~ un médico/un taxi he went to get a doctor/a taxi;
¿qué buscas con eso? what are you trying to achieve by that?

verbo intransitivo
to look;
busca en el cajón look o have a look in the drawer
buscarse verbo pronominal

1. (intentar encontrar) to look for

2. ‹problemas› to ask for;
no quiero ~me complicaciones/problemas I don't want any trouble;
tú te lo has buscado you've brought it on yourself, it serves you right;
buscársela(s) (fam): te la estás buscando you're asking for trouble, you're asking for it (colloq)

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