Saturday, July 5, 2008

slow+steady with a slice of american pie

thanks to all the good natured and fantastic revelers who attended my freedom party. an astoundingly well rounded crew comprised of best buddies from high school, college, be nice, lords of blogtown, and life in nyc-a complete and total mash up. the instant's polaroid kissing wall got a lot more awesome last night. cheers to all those puckering up for the besosyfotos installation nation. we got some really great ones. which i will post here or here [yay for xabi's scanner in the office!]
speaking of office, i did sell a photo last night to ms. gummer. luckily my advisors were here to remind me of my works value. i am nothing without support and coaching.
(as for other thank you's,) i'll admit, we did have a bar b Q, but i forgot to eat..luckily andrew had made a stupendous potato salad, which saved my late evening hankering. grazie mille to my princeton friends for coming in from nj, cali+ uptown, it's been awhile and due time for a reunion. merci beaucoup to lady e for my awesome spanish fan and my stupendous neon nancy floral secretary dress, i adore it and have been in it all day! also gracias for the tunes-we danced and mingled to dj alvins turn table talent.
all and all, it was helluv fun+ a great success!
[god] bless.
que viva/besosyfotos


Katlin at Urple said...

Such stylish friends! :)
Liking this blog!!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

cheers love!!
glad you're into it.

Britt Romanski said...

The mother makes a cake like that every year for the 4th. Yours definitely looks better though and bigger.
If you are ever in Princeton let me know because I am home for about a month, maybe a bit more before heading back to london...and I am bored shitless!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

well, unlikely that i'll be in pton any time soon. but you should come to the polaroid show i am showing in and co-curating on the 26th!!!