Saturday, May 3, 2008

jackson, johnson & roe at laight

so, the story is that my sister, beka and teo's sister, meg are friends from harvard grad school. they live together in cambridge and have always said we should be friends. so, adam and claire and i trekked downtown to the lovely laight shop on orchard, just south of broome st, for some champagne and to check out this lovely lass's clothing line..well, as it turns out, we have innumerable cross country connections from varying locales including: bars in l.a., santa fe friends, and mi amigos at marlow & sons ...[and thus we are sure to be buddy's as per our older sisters requests.]
anyhoo. i'm in love with their bird shirt made of bamboo! and many other pieces created by ms. teo and ms. sarah. see the jackson johnson + roe website for more.
[also i highly recommend a visit to this shop for sweet water suits or high waister linens or tom's shoes or gin+juice candles or just to pop in and get jazzed.]

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