Friday, February 15, 2008


they are really really promotiing the new will farrell movie

welcome to the johnsons

i call it a don't rag

take a chance

went to see kite runner with josh wiles. it's amazing and tear jerking. the taliban is fucking scary.
after demolishing my mascara at the movies we bopped down to one of my new favorite restaurants, barrio chino on broome and orchard. i had the al pastor tacos and a habenero grapefruit margherita--which was amazing!!! josh got the guacamole. i fell in love with the place. i'm thinking that i'll host the first of my upcoming monthy downtown-bohemian-creative's pow-wow dinner party there. more on that later..
ended the night with a stop off at welcome to the johnson's. followed by a xabi and me dance off at fat baby.
all and all a well rounded downtown evening.

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