Tuesday, February 19, 2008


an activity that pre dated the blog by 7 years.

i've found myself months behind.

as i sorted through my analogue foto life and clippings and receipts and instamatic squares, i started feeling really guilty.
for, as you may know, polaroid 600 [which i used to use on a bi weekly basis] will no longer be in production as of 2009.
right up until the launch of besosyfotos in the fall, i had defined myself as a die hard analogue fotographer. a person holding onto the past principles of the craft, one of the last in my generation, la la la.thus polaroid was my stickin' it to the digi revolution.hell, for a long time, i felt like i was the only one at my cvs buying it [almost once a week]..
though now that i find myself spending [quite some time] daily on this virtual sketchbook, i have taken to carrying and using my digital all the time. [albeit guiltily] i have followed the path of ease, of simpler visual communication, of memory cards and the like.
don't get me wrong. i still shoot with film. but as a daily process, i have crossed over to the other [more pixelated] side. my confession is this: while my lumix is with me at all times, the contax, leica, nikon and mamiya sit on the shelf and wait for vacation or a special guest.

i guess the point is that i feel a little personally responsible for polaroid 600's demise.
though i know it's grandiose to think.
and the eventual [or inevitable] termination has been impending for awhile. shoot, we all knew it when they stopped making time zero film.
the cheating feeling remains.

so, that said, i will be pointedly spending more time with my polaroid camera and my sketchbook. as a testament to the principles of tactility and a nod to nostalgia.

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