Monday, February 18, 2008

president's day २००८: i don't like him

for the most part i love being american.
the people+the landscape+kerouac+lauryn hill+janis joplin+diane arbus+andy warhol+ bob dylan+robert rauschenburg+joseph cornell+lee friedlander+jamel shabazz+fred tomaselli+truman capote+bill owens+sally mann+william eggleston+jasper johns+marc jacobs+henry darger+the olsen twins+good ole stevie fitch+robert blake+salt'n'pepa+ possibilities.

however, our representative is a douchebag. thus i find myself travelling abroad and being vaguely nervous. admitting to being american can feel like admitting to an s.t.d. or having cheated on a boyfriend. kind of like a dirty secret that justs leaves you unsettled and insecure of the unknown but upcoming reaction..
my feeling about senor bushie is this- he seems like someone that would've been fun to get drunk with at a cocktail party-that is before he found god and a penchant for acting as a goofy-faced puppet..yes. i think he would've been good for jokes and guzzling, yet not so much capable of ruling such a big country. maybe he would've been fine, good even, as a mayor in texas. slangin' oil and romping around the ranch..but making decisions which effect so many people around the world????
i dunno how this really happened and it's been what? 7 years...
this only serves to remind me that the middle of america and the south scares me sometimes/most times. i guess it's that these areas are so insulated and removed from culture has these folks voting out of fear.

anyhow, i'm hoping this election will follow the trend of these approval ratings.
fingers crossed.

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