Tuesday, February 26, 2008

catalyst:circa 2006:portobello rd

i was there when this 'star crossed lovers' bit was begun. ms. barthelme and i were bumbling down portobello with stolen glasses of wine, mine white, hers red. i'd been at the pub writing postcards i probably never sent. we snuck out our glasses under coats and in topshop hobo bags, respectively. we took polaroids to remember.
on the right side of the street were two shaggy haired blokes with guitars. generally a point of interest. we got to talking, they bought booze. we went back to her flat. the serenading began. his name was jack, intially known only as naked boy for his lack of inhibitions. a love and a band name were formed.
we've gotten her in the i heart ny now, and he's made a video that abstractly depicts their walking lovestruck.

naked and the boys can be found on myspace and in around'n'about east london

ladypants je t'aime.

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