Sunday, February 17, 2008

i feel lucky to have been born in the time of frozen dinners

seriously, i'm not a big chef-type.
i mean, i can, i am capable. as cooking is much like painting.
take things [colors/food] you like and mash them up.
and fuck around, until it [looks/tastes] right.

however, i don't like doing dishes and i live alone- and everyone knows, cooking for one is not nearly as satisfying.
thus, frozen food and take out are my way.
if spiced and served with a salad and perhaps some hot sauce, the frozen pizza/burrito/broccoli pot pie might just blow your mind.

just saying.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

um...i tooooooootes am in your corner on this one. washing dishes makes me hate life in a seriously epic fashion. same with doing laundry and scrubbing ANYTHING in the bathroom. i must've been a rockefeller in my past life.