Friday, February 1, 2008

back to hands on art.

after weeks on the web and with the camera, it was time to do some painting.
i woke up in a bad mood the other day, in no small part because of latent fatigue stemming from aforementioned illness.
however, i realized it was also in large part due to lack of mixed-media hands-dirtying. i get pissed off, deeply,if i don't make time to work with these. so i put down the laptop and took out the oils.
they are so frickin' close to being done and showable/sellable. allowing me to move on from this body of work-of which most canvases were started on in 2005..3 years later 3 of them are nearly there.


poliesther said...

Alvin, that painting is it yours? or is it Dali's?

Adam said...

Is that eric claptons hand from the cover of "slowhand"? I sure hope so.