Friday, January 11, 2008

RAUSCHENBERG and chuck close at pacewildenstein

this was a big event for me!!rauschenberg is one of the BIGGEST most serious influences in my paintings. so, i am standing there critiquing the works (not as awesome as his old stuff in my opinion but whatevs, he's an all star anyway.) with mercedez and andrew..and all of the sudden like 15 people have their digies out, shooting down. it's chuck and robert sitting side by side in their respective wheelchairs. like a meeting of some extreme rolling art armchair conference. i take some pics and decide if not now.when.
so i got the gall enough to lean over and thank mr. rauschenberg for being such an inspiring person. he asked me how my work was going. i said i'd just sold my first painting this summer in london.(thanks to the bombshell do gooders!!) he said sometimes you have to go far away to get appreciated..once again affirming this notion of the european market being more my likelihood..
then somebody interrupted and i walked away gleefully and remarkably fullfilled. the dream of a lifetime crossed off the list. sweet. now if duchamp, diane arbus, and warhol would come back from the dead..

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weekend at bernies pt 3: gallery show