Saturday, January 12, 2008

let's vote

i don't know. it's a big step for a manhattan gal like me to be daring my way into the Bk. don't scoff, it's true. since i moved here in 2001. i've been lucky enough to live on thompson st in soho and then to perry st and west 4th. but the truth is this..the bohemia of yesteryear here is just that, gone.
i am way beyond on my paintings 'cause i don't have room. some folks say get rid of your shoes, your clothes, your..what?? my identity of stuff. i think not.
so i braved the train and saw 2 spots.the first one had no lite.. this is the second,
quite promising. and CHEAPer than my place now..with a patio AND a balcony!!
not sure that the square footage is quite enough tho..i might have to get a studio anyway..hmm.
on the upside. i could host way more than the 8 people i can now. and we could pour resin. and we could suntan. and we could have sunset cocktails in private:outdoors--a rare commodity here in this metropolis.(shut up LA kids. we can't all have palm trees and backyards)..
so would y'all come out to visit me off the jmz?? you can see the building from the the train platform. only took 10 minutes from here to delancey. that's only a couple more than now.
i don't have a life cast a vote.
i'm probably going to keep looking but damn.
outdoor space=super radical!


Jacqueline said...

Patio! Sunbathing! Cocktails! Louise in Brooklyn! Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beka said...

I think it's time! Looks great to me!