Thursday, November 15, 2007

able to scoot with some difficulty

took the bus for the maybe the 3rd time ever. not actually that efficient. as scooters are hard to navigate on board.. i definitely could have walked faster.
but it was no doubt an interesting cultural experience. people who take the bus seem a bit off kilter..for example, the woman sitting ahead of me turned around to tell me (with hardcore conviction) how crazy and even evil the women in new york are. now, she was looking at the toothless crackhead lady seated at the front (talking to herself in slippers), which made some sense. though, her diatribe along with her cross eyed glare seemed to categorize herself as a like minded species. further confirming her evilness, she proceeded to complain about how all these foreigners move here and don't learn english! i tried to politely respond in a positive melting pot kind of way but she wasn't having it. she bid farewell, i gave likewise pleasantries as she got off at st. mark's.

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